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When Scraping PuTTY How To Choose A Scraper?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Scraper selection is appropriate, speed, quality of PuTTY scraper and Putty has a direct relationship. Such as a large spatula or large Horn up to scratch stool, chair legs, or holes, cracks, low efficiency, easily scratched, and PuTTY falls, waste. Use a small shovel or trumpet horns curling, with large pieces of furniture not only scrape the surface after leaving scratches, but also difficult to scrape flat.

Generally, scraping batch hole eye, and crack Shi, to selection trumpet steel blade or trumpet Horn Alice; scraping batch stool, and Chair, and coffee table, and small table, and box, class object, should selection medium steel blade or medium Horn Alice; scraping batch large furniture, also to according to specific job requirements and set, as do transparent paint, should as selection Queen steel blade (for steel blade elastic big, easy will greasy slag scraping net); as do color paint, best selection King steel blade; as with lacquer coated loaded, most with Horn Alice, to Lee improve scraping coated quality.

Who scraped wall, preferably made of flexible steel scraper if cement scraping the ground, applying a rubber spatula instead of using horns curling because horns up on rough surface scraping back and forth, it's easy to wear.

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