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What Are The Commonly Used Hand-painting Tools, What's The Use?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

(1) brush. Shades of paint brush, brush, pen, brush wire brush, oil paint brush shelter. painted in a variety of paint and different objects, with different types and sizes of brushes.

(2) the blade. Horn blade, steel blade, wooden scraper, plastic scraper, rubber squeegee. used for scraping dirt dust, eradication of thorn, lettering grooves, puttying, coating.

(3) grinding materials. Sand leather, wood sandpaper and sandpaper, terrazzo, pumice, etc. For polished surfaces or rough handling of surface.

(4) iron tools. Rust-tipped hammer, wire brushes, wire harness, and so on. For metal parts rust.

(5) cleaning tools. Buckets, rags, wire brush, Brown, dry brush with long handle.

(6) wallpaper and laying vinyl flooring tool. Wallpaper knife, rubber rollers, toothed steel scraper, ink, hammer lines, pink bag, scissors, round tool.

(7) printing tools. Paper model leakage, Tin plate, printed nylon nets, brushes, knives, etc. For printing patterns.

(8) other tools. Crossed feet, PuTTY, cotton, bamboo and flowers, copper mesh, cover, covers, etc.

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