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Putty Knife Used How To Repair?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

(1) the corners go bald. 100# Emery cloth on the mat on a flat Board or thick pieces of glass, na Emery cloth edge, single-handedly pressed the knife underneath and perpendicular to the shaft with Emery cloth, and sharpening. Bald light angle, hard grinding 10,115 snap back and forth, such as bald serious corner, first wear on the wheel, and then grinding with Emery cloth.

(2) tilt of the cutting edge. In a corner of the wheel high ground corner aligned with the lower, then grind the cutting edge with Emery cloth or stone ground.

(3) thanks to handle. Refers to the wooden handle and cutter head loose or turn around. Maintenance, pulled out the knife, to the wooden handle in the eyes of bin into a little epoxy glue or brotherhood-formaldehyde glue, knife with wooden handle and press until the gum completely solidified after use. Such as when there is no glue, mubingcang eye irrigation first little, then use small wood chopping, thin gauze and hemp thread, and along the warehouse side into the eyes or pushed along with the head, then head wedging wooden handle with a hammer and a knife.

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