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Painters How To Shop For A Good Brush?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Good brush structure:

Brush is made up of hundreds of moving parts the brush, which together draw paint from the jar and amount released at different times to the painted surface, good brush bristles are very strong, in order to facilitate control, their ends County into a cone shape, not flat, look you will find that they are separate at the bottom in order to paint.

Select brush materials is very simple:

Synthetic brush (nylon or polyester fabric) brush varnish, natural hair, paint based on alkyd resin varnish. Although sponge brush less than traditional poly brush, but because of their low cost, so it is very suitable for polishing surfaces.

The brushes come in many shapes and sizes:

If it is an indoor job, buying a modified 3 inch brush and roller brush can't reach local (recessed part), and selected a 2-inch or 2.5-inch brush to handle Flash and Windows. Cosmetic brush the bottom of a square or at an angle, for their personal choices. Brush paint on the wall faster; sash brush for painting on a sash from dry edges brushes more shorter, and therefore better control.

In addition to the ordinary type, you can find professional brush in the paint shop. Clockwise from the top are: ornamental brushes, feather brushes, stippling brush, scrub brush and small ornamental. These brushes usually use less, used only in professional modification.

Be sure to use the best brushes. If you buy an expensive paint, but with extremely cheap brushes, that final results will be bad.

"Buy roller brushes mainly depends on its surface for better or worse, what do buy paint mainly to see the end of it. ”

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