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How To Wash Wool Brush With Detergent?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

With detergent cleaning brush with wool brush is a new method, not only does it save the use of materials, and the effect is good.

Get 200 g washing powder 60 g, hot water, heated 213 kilograms, put into a bowl (or other containers) to tune into the solution (LOTION). The detergent-water solution is divided into two parts. Immediately brush drunk acid, phenolic and vinegar glue brush with oil or varnish na 25,130 washing up or down in a part of the solution. Na wash to brush all invasive solution, washing solution full lacquer. Waste washing liquid, then wash the rest into the bowl, repeated brushes with na wash, flip, rotate, dozens of times, until you wash paint brushes. 213 times finally warm water rinsing wool brush, ' wash the lotion, thrown to the water, the brush is clean. Such as washing paint brushes, may be appropriate to increase the amount of detergent. In addition, in order to wash the brush with wash plates combined with washing, scrubbing boards because there are many wood knots, these knots are diamond-shaped, to wash the brush and will not hang up the brush. Washing brush dipped in the detergent solution hard wood knot more than 10 times, paint can be washed, and then wash with brush and wool into warm water, wash washing liquid. Washing powder only clean wool just brush paint brush, brush surface is dry, it is not easy to wash, must use organic solvents to dry paint swelling before cleaning.

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