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How To Properly Use A Brush?
Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Method of using a brush, squeeze the upper right corner of the brush with his right hand, with your thumb, with 4 fingers on the other side, caught in the brush within the span. Brush with wrist motion, to slightly loosen the thumb when dipped in paint, dip it in paint brush in a container after tapping twice, so the coating liquid concentrate in the brush head. Dipped in paint is not too much. Writing level to be consistent, evenly light, two lap not overlapping too much. Ocean thousands of paint brush brushes should always pay attention to not brushing, sagging, accumulated paint. Brushing lacquers and polyurethane paint vinegar must be taken along the wood grain brush, do not repeatedly brushing back and forth, not to vertical and horizontal brushing.

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