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Type of scraper

Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

(1) the Horn blade, used for inlay fill and batch puttying. it is made of water buffalo horn, quality in a transparent, clear threads straight as well. Scraper is usually paint of their own making. Buy blank, cut into about 20 ° lower slope, blade thin and thickens up, has good elastic ' final sharpening on the bricks flat scraper edge and rounded corners are not too sharp.

Horn blade when heated will become soft, brittle in cold weather and easy to shape and influence. deformation of blade irons ironing available. Or soaked in boiling water with weights to flatten after a day to restore the straight. Should be kept clean after use, insert wooden trough to prevent blade bending.

(2) blade, also known as putty knife, steel tool with wooden handle. Its size varies depending on the width of the cutting edge, blade used to cut wood burrs, elimination of the metal surface of the old paint, rust • eradication of wall sold attached to particles, dirt, and removal of old paint. Preparation and embedded fill or putty knife as shown in Figure 3-5-1 • foot (c). It is compact and flexible, it is commonly used to block up on a wooden house poles, small hole Birch head joints of PuTTY. Or its removal from the line at the foot of the old powder and PuTTY for wood furniture ·

(3) the scraper. For scraping PuTTY, there are multiple, as in Figure 3-5-1 (d, e, g, h) as shown. Painters often according to finishing furniture needs to make her own. Materials used include steel, oil-resistant rubber, polyvinyl chloride plastic sheets, such as bamboo, wood, rubber scraper as too soft when the inconvenience that can be fitted with wooden handles on. Rubber scraper is also suited to surfaces, pipe surface scraping PuTTY. Made of cedar wood scraper will not scratch the furniture surface, flexible fit. Small bamboo scraper, corners, cracks and other tiny parts of shaving and cleaning up particularly appropriate. Plastic scraper flexible fit, not to hurt the surface of the cutting edge, inexpensive, clean storage convenience. Currently is widely used for interior decoration, puttying.

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