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Select premium roller brush?

Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Buy brushes and different, buy roller brush to take two steps: roller brush handles and roll the roller core. Quality identification roller brush handles is simple: should feel comfortable in the hand, and tails have a threaded hole for long. Turn the cage, it should be easy to rotate. Well-made rollers bearings are used to reduce drag. In most cases, using a 9-inch-wide standard roller brush.

Select roll roll cores depends on the price and appearance. Hands on the roll the roller core friction, if the quality is good hair won't fall out too much, tomentose surface feel no obvious seams because seams will leave marks on the wall. Good roll the roller core ends are angled, rather than suddenly stop, approximately at a distance of 1 inch in the last paragraph. Cant can prevent rolling roll rim of excess paint line.

Roller brush bar on the handle's shape is very important. Angle 90 degrees bar helps to prevent slipping of paint roller brush cap. Paint the angle of the handle will cap out. Bend bar and look at the shapes, bar the harder the roller brush is better quality.

"Even high quality rollers have hair loss, with clean packing tape sewn around the new roller brush until hair is no longer shedding" or wash it again.

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