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Roller tool types and structures

Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Hand-rolled coated rollers and roller are the main tools. Roller plates are mainly used as construction covered in full bloom, and keeps the roller brush in the rolling surface and stained with paint.

Used in the construction of a wide variety of rolls, can be divided into 3 categories.

(1) roll the cloth, commonly known as the sponge roller brush. It applies the paint smooth and less demanding situations, usually to high drill paint coating material, can both keep out the original patterns, and using pattern roller brush processed rolled into a variety of styles. Foam long ages if fragmentation should be replaced.

(2) the brush roller, commonly known as hair rollers. Its texture is very strong, there is hair, brushing of the paint layer is very smooth. low for all of the basic closed paint, flat latex paint and surface coatings are applied, brush roller paint brush evenly over paint on the walls. Suitable for coating large-area surfaces such as walls, doors, not brushing surface with embossing patterns. Be thoroughly cleaned after use.

(3) pattern roller, also known as the shag roll or flat paint roller brush. It wool (or spinning wool) roller brush and nylon rollers two suitable for tactile and textured surfaces. Thick paint through the cloth after the finishing of the roller brush in the paint on the grass-roots, is not completely dry before, you can use the NAP picking style of rollers to roll out, or you can pull out the ends of the hair by rolling flattening; also used other tricks on rolling out a variety of pattern design finish.

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