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Roller brush storage

Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

Roller brush after use, scrape the excess coating of wood chips, water (such as solvent-based coatings thinners) fully washed clean, dry cloth roll several times, to remove moisture.

After you use the send-pressure roller brushes, such as inactive for a long time, you must cast out the remaining paint in paint cans and paint cans, delivery hose and handle pipe and drum while cleaning to prevent crusting and conveying systems plug. After the initial cleaning with water (coating when waterborne coatings, such as solvent-based paint you can use thinner) sent to the core barrel parts under a certain pressure, let it flow, pipelines, valves and roller brushes can be cleaned better.

After cleaning rollers hung up to dry. Attention should not oppress fluff on the tube, or deformation may be crushed down. After drying, the roller brush is placed in a clean, dry, well ventilated room to prevent tube sets of mould.

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