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How to clean paint brushes

Macro International Industry Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2016

1. If the brush is a water based paint, you can wash paint brushes in the water, and then wash with warm soapy water, then wash with water. If the alkyd paint brushes (oil paint). you will need to brush

Separate. and wash paint vinyl release. Too much paint removed. Paint easily somewhere near the handle, you can use the paint brush to help remove accumulated paint, and ganged up on blocks of paint removed.

Pocket comb can be used.

2. hard slap with the Palm brush, remove most of the water or the vinyl release. Wen Shuiqing scrubbing with SOAP and hair and rinse thoroughly

3. If the brushes are kept unreasonably, brush hairs will deform. To protect the brushes, then also use original thick paper bag packaging: If the bag is gone, you can use thick paper (for example, cut a rectangle out of paper shopping bags), it is wrapped with a rubber band tied to, place the brush on a flat surface or hang up.

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